• Esaote MyLab Alpha Portable Echo Cardiography Machine

    MyLab™Alpha, with eHD Technology focused on real diagnostic value has been designed to offer Top Performance Ultrasound and high dynamism in very reduced size and weight. A wide range of accessories, makes MyLab™Alpha as comfortable as a mainframe system, when it is used in a stationary mode. It also provides a range of efficient “ready-to-go” solutions, when mobility and time are strictly important. MyLab™Alpha is the answer to current diagnostic and point-of-care approaches that require state-of-the-art technologies to be involved in today’s ultrasound systems.

  • Esaote MyLab Gamma Portable Ultrasound Machine

    MyLab™Gamma: a World without Boundaries with Smart Portable Ultrasound, Delivering Affordable Productivity, Efficiency, Value.

  • Esaote MyLab Seven High End Ultrasound Machine

    MyLab™Seven: Productivity In Real-Time

    Maximizing The Efficiency Of Ultrasound Scanning More in less: the new Productivity-Oriented Platform, a further breakthrough in ultrasound imaging. MyLab™Seven, with eHD Technology focused on real diagnostic value, delivers high-class performance and compact size in cardiac, vascular, ob/gyn and general imaging applications. Examinations can be comfortably performed, with the right tool and without any waste of time: Productivity in Real-time means better diagnosis in less time.

  • Esaote MyLab™40 Ultrasound Machine

    MyLab™40: Complete In Its Variety

    MyLab™40, with eHD Technology focused on real diagnostic value is a compact console ultrasound system designed to be the ideal solution both for the shared-service/general imaging and cardiovascular ultrasound department or clinic. Developed on the acclaimed MyLab™platform, the MyLab™40 license-based modular architecture can be configured to meet the individual needs of its users in various applications.
    “Quality is not an act, it is a habit” – Aristotle

  • Esaote MyLab™ClassC: Performance, Simplicity and Ergonomics with a Single Touch. Discover the power of touch

    MyLab™ClassC: Discover The Power Of Touch

    Your Comfort With A Touch
    Whenever physicians think of a high-level cardiovascular and general imaging ultrasound systems, they ask for up-to-date platforms, with high-performance and advanced on-board technologies as well as simplicity and ease of use. MyLab™ClassC has been designed based on these key concepts to deliver a reliable diagnosis, and ensure every day productivity. With just one glance, you will understand how MyLab™ClassC‘s simplicity has never been seen on such a high-level ultrasound scanner.

  • Esaote MyLab™Twice The unique “Twice Ultrasound Vision” for Premium Performance and Point-of-care Ultrasound outstanding results.

    MyLab™Twice: Two Ways To Be Unique

    Premium Performance And Point-of-Care Ultrasound
    The unique “Twice Ultrasound Vision” represents a “paradigm shift” in the hospital organization, combining two systems in one: top performance and exclusive solutions able to change the daily clinical outcome where Efficiency and Productivity are of paramount importance.
    The new MyLab™Twice with eHD Technology is focused on real diagnostic value and the “arm-held” MyLab™Sat is based on the outstanding concept of combining Premium Performance and Point-of-care Ultrasound for more efficient hospital organizations, easy and fast diagnosis and integrated patient management.

  • Esaote Small MRI for Limbs

    Esaote Small MRI for Limbs

    Technology and features are system/configuration dependent. Specifications subject to change without notice. Information might refer to products or modalities not yet approved in all countries.


    G-scan Brio: Adds Weight To Your Diagnosis

    G-scan Brio offers a revolutionary MRI approach that increases diagnostic accuracy and confidence for musculoskeletal applications. With experience gained from first generation G-scan systems, Esaote developed G-scan Brio, a completely renewed Weight-Bearing MRI system featuring a new look, new ergonomics and new acquisition techniques.

  • Esaote Tilting MRI: The Key To Confidence

    Tilting MRI: The Key To Confidence

    The G-scan is a revolutionary MRI platform for the examination of all musculoskeletal applications which provides you with additional diagnostic elements. The open and tilting design is the new and innovative way of doing MRI in which the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the outcome of the examination.